Legal and Multilateral Advisor

Alegria Baus

Legal Advisor and Jurist specialized in public international law, human rights and environment and sustainability. She obtained her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from Universidad San Francisco de Quito and obtained her Master of Laws (LL.M.), specializing in public international law, from Utrecht University. Alegría has experience in, inter alia, intellectual property law in the Ecuadorian private sector as well as an immigration specialist in the Dutch private sector.

Alegría works at the Embassy of Ecuador in the Netherlands as the Legal and Multilateral Affairs AdviserShe is responsible for the management of multilateral procedures related to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (“OPCW”), the International Criminal Court (“ICC”), International Court of Justice (“ICJ”), the Hague Conference in Private International Law (HCCH”), Common Funds for Commodities (“CFC”), the Permanent Court of Arbitration (“PCA”)and the Group of Latin American and Caribbean countries (“GRULAC”).



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