Dutch Heritage recognized by UNESCO

The Netherlands has nine heritage sites recognized by UNESCO, each with its own characteristics associated with the country’s technological and organizational innovation, especially in relation to water management, industrial innovation, strength of institutions and land management. Continue reading the full document.

Source: http://www.holland.com/global/tourism/Activities/Culture/World-Heritage-Sites.htm


Despite being a small country, Dutch culture is very rich and has several features, depending on the region in which you are. Dutch culture can be seen by making trips to the Amsterdam canals, visiting museums such as the Rijksmuseum, visiting the Gouda cheese market or climbing the Dom Tower of Utrecht.

Continue reading the full document. http://www.holland.com/es/turista/Actividades/Cultura.htm

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In the Netherlands, sports are very important in the daily lives of the inhabitants.  This can be seen in the daily routine of the Dutch. Children born or living in the Netherlands have two obligations to meet after three years: learning to swim and ride a bike. As a result, almost all Dutch primary school children go to school on foot or by bicycle. Not only children opt for this healthy way of transportation, but much of the adult population also uses the bicycle as a means of transport. Also, more than two thirds, 68.8 percent, of the Dutch population do some type of sports activity; 71.1 percent of men and 66.4 percent of women are physically active. Continue reading the full document.

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