Ecualanda - Panama Hat specialist since 2011

My name is Tania González Peláez and I am coming from Cuenca, an important center of panama hat production in Ecuador. At a young age I admired the art of weaving hats of toquilla straw, which was practiced by people around me.

After I moved to the Netherlands, I had the idea to import panama hats and by doing this to support the Ecuadorian craftspeople. In this way Ecualanda helps to maintain the traditional weaving of the toquilla straw hat, which belongs to the national heritage of Ecuador.

Ecualanda buys the hats directly from the makers in Ecuador to avoid unfair brokering. I think it is important that the weavers receive a fair price for their products. Only in this way a bright future for the artisans and craftspeople is assured.

Panama Hats, both classic and trendy, look great and are comfortable to wear. Look around and be amazed by the diversity and quality of these handmade natural products.  

You can shop online or visit us at one of the fairs, markets and fairs where we are found regularly, mainly in the Netherlands. 



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