Notarial Acts : Affidavit of Household Goods

Affidavit of Household Goods


To comply with one of the requirements for the tax exemption of household goods, you must approach the Consulate to make an affidavit in which you declare under oath your intention to establish your domicile in Ecuador.


  • Digital copy of the identity documents of all family members returning to Ecuador.
  • List with the detailed detail of household goods and work equipment, as well as the unit value of each asset stipulated in dollars and the total value of household goods. Invoices for new items.
  • Vehicle description: chassis and engine number, price and invoice or property title. See attached form.
  • Description of the work team.
  • For more information and download forms from the National Customs Service of Ecuador, please enter the following link:
  • Cash payment is not accepted. It is only possible to pay by a bank transfer. Cost € 80 euros.

Before making your application online you must have a digital copy of an applicant identification document.

Please send the scanned requirements to the email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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