Sierra - provinces : COTOPAXI


Capital: Latacunga
Surface Area: 6071 km2
Population: 303489 inhabitants
(Telephone) Area Code: 03

In general, the province has an average annual temperature of 12 degrees Celsius and a mild climate.

As the Latacunga Valley has suitable land for agricultural production, among its major natural resources are barley, wheat, corn, vegetables and fruits such as cherry, pear, apple, claudias /gage, mirabelles, banana passionfruit (taxo), peach, uvilla (similar to tomatillo), cactus fruit (tuna), tomato, reina-claudia fig and quince trees.  The western part is suitable for the cultivation of bananas, sugar cane, fruit and various tropical products. Due to the region’s wooded areas consisting of walnut, alder, laurel and oak trees, among others, its forest wealth is considerable.

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