Coast - provinces : GUAYAS


“The Pearl of the Pacific”
Capital: Guayaquil
Surface Area: 20902 km2
Population: 2515146 inhabitants
(Telephone) Area Code: 04

The Guayas Province is the most densely populated of Ecuador; the last 40 years have seen the population increase fivefold.  The Guayaquil metropolitan area is soon expected to exceed 2.5 million inhabitants, a rapid growth that is partly due to migration to this important urban and commercial centre of the Ecuadorian coast.
The lush vegetation is favoured by the climate, which facilitates the agricultural production of rice, sugar cane, cocoa, coffee, bananas, cotton, oilseeds, etc.
Guayas, especially the Port of Guayaquil, has played an important role in Ecuador’s development.  The major industries found there include food, textiles, tobacco, chemicals, metallurgy and timber.

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