Coast - provinces : ESMERALDAS


Capital: Esmeraldes
Surface Area: 15232.60 Km2.
Population: 430000 Inhabitants
(Telephone) Area Code: 06

“Ecuador’s Green Province”
Esmeraldas is popularly known as a green province, located on the northwest coast of the country. The terrain is generally flat with small hills that do not exceed 300 meters, foothills of the western mountains. Small elevations can be found in Cojimíes and Atacames.  Punta Gorda, San Francisco and the hill of Chinto should be taken into account. From a geographical point of view, the most important rivers are those that have served as natural ways for the local inhabitants to transport products (tagua nut, balsa wood, rubber and banana) and for the irrigation system. Its main attractions are its beaches.

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