Amazon - provinces : PASTAZA




Capital: Puyo
Surface Area: 29773.7 km2
Population: 62110 inhabitants
(Telephone) Area Code: 03

The scenery and natural beauty of Pastaza provide the best options for visitors and scientists who wish to understand and empathize with the indigenous communities living near the impressive vegetation, wildlife, immense rivers, waterfalls and other fascinating places comprising the vital natural biodiversity of eastern Ecuador.

Pastaza is the largest province of Ecuador and the richest in biodiversity. It represents the best opportunity for tourists to explore the rainforest, visiting the Copatasa and Curaray indigenous communities surrounded by vegetation and animal species, to sail and swim in the Pastaza, Puyo and Curaray Rivers, among others in the region.
Ninety-five percent of provincial flora is tropical rainforest, because annual rainfall varies between 2000 and 4000 cubic millimetres, which favour the formation of extensive and excellent pastures that encourage cattle-raising.

Its natural resources include fine timber, oil, minerals, livestock and agriculture.  Plan Pastaza is currently undertaking projects related to forestry development, timber, agro industrial products and fish.


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